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Double Sided Streamer Box  with Local Art
Double Sided Streamer Box  with Local Art

Double Sided Streamer Box with Local Art

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This 2 sided box  is the perfect boat box to house all your streamers and big flies.  It fits all shapes and sizes from articulated  game changers to wooly buggers and the airtight seal makes it easy to keep unwanted water out. Unlike other streamer boxes, it has clear windows so that you can see what flies are in your box without having to open it. 



  • Dimensions: 11inX8inX3in
  • Watertight seal 
  • Local Artist Cassady Fulbright art on front and back 

About the Artist:

Cassady Fulbright, a graduate of the University of North Georgia with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art.  After completing my studies in art, I picked up my fishing rod amid nostalgia and instantly felt like I had never put it down.  After multiple fly-fishing trips out West, my interests collided, creating a fusion between my paintings and the sport. Catching fish inspires my passion for painting them, so the cycle continues.  

What jumps to mind when you think about being on the river? Simplicity? Complexity? This trout series emphasizes color combinations, value interaction, and a variety of patterns. While the complexity comes from the small parts that make up fishing and painting, its sum is quite simple. The beauty of fly fishing is that something will always tie it back to art. 

You can check out the rest of Cassady’s art pieces at: 

Instagram: @cassadycreates