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Cortland Euro Nymph Braid Core

Cortland Euro Nymph Braid Core

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WATER: Freshwater

LINE: Floating
TAPER:  Level or Double Taper
LENGTH: 90ft
CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament  

  • Modern Nymphing Techniques
  • Ultra-thin Diameter
  • Supple

    Super-thin, strong and sensitive braided core. Ultra-thin diameter launches your flies with precision. Designed for modern nymphing techniques.


    Our Euro Nymph Braid Core fly lines need no introduction. Our most popular nymphing lines, the Euro Nymph Braid Core is supple, sensitive and extremely durable.

    Ideal for all euro and modern nymphing techniques, this line is easy to handle, extremely sensitive and has a low friction coefficient to keep your nymphs slinging smoothly all day long.

    This line will perform at the highest level all winter and summer long due to the suppleness and durability of the braid core. Pair this line with our Euro Nymph Leader Material or build a nymph rig directly off the fly line, there are endless possibilities. This line is finished in gecko green giving anglers a stealthy approach.

    Make your time on the water more productive with the Euro Nymph Braid Core fly lines.