For over 20 years, The Fish Hawk/Sage Fly Fishing School has stood as the premier fly fishing school in the region. Thousands of folks have attended the school since it opened in the early “eighties”. Your instructor, Henry Williamson, is a life long fisherman and veteran fly fishing instructor. Henry is not only acknowledged as a professional, master fly fisherman, but as an unparalleled instructor and one of the south’s premier wildlife specialists.

The School is Co-sponsored by Sage Fly Rods, the leading producer of American made fly rods. We are proud to have this endorsement due to the limited number of fly fishing schools that Sage supports.

Henry’s teaching style is friendly and relaxed, witty and articulate. His classroom tactics are as personable as his conversational style is friendly and down to earth. In addition to Henry’s fly fishing expertise, he holds two degrees; one in wildlife management and the other in forestry.

The Fish Hawk/Sage Fly Fishing School is located next to Sky Valley, at the top of Ford Mountain, GA., equidistant between the picturesque villages of Dillard, GA. and Highlands, NC.

The Fish Hawk/Sage Fly Fishing School will teach you the basics of fly fishing, whether you want to stalk wary trout in a crisp, cold mountain stream, the elusive bonefish on shallow Caribbean flats, or largemouth bass in your neighborhood lake.

The curriculum includes:

  • Fly Casting
  • Entomology
  • Knot Tying
  • Wading and Stalking
  • Wet Fly Techniques
  • Fly Lines and Leaders
  • Effects of Season
  • Fly Selection
  • Stream-ology
  • Playing Fish
  • Dry Fly Techniques
  • Fly Tying Example
  • Equipment
  • Conservation


The Fish Hawk suggests a 30 day reservation for the fly fishing school but last minute reservations are taken if available. Cancellation must be made 30 days before your scheduled class date in order to receive a refund or to reschedule.

Equipment and Amenities

The school furnishes high quality Sage fly fishing equipment for your school use as well as a instructional manual on fly fishing.

What you need to bring:

  • Waders and wading boots
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Valid Georgia Fishing License and Trout Stamp


The Guided River Course

Price: $295

Are you an intermediate who needs help or just someone that wants a guided trip in the mountains of North Georgia?

In this single day school/guided trip, the classroom is actually on the water.

The Guided River Course is designed for the angler with some experience who really wants to get down and dirty. Class curriculum concentrates on stream tactics, entomology, and situational casting. It’s real time training that will help you get better. This is where Henry’s years of dedication really pay off for the student. Unlike a guided day, this class is about catching more fish in the future, not just some fish for the day.* Price is the same for one or two people.

Two Day School

Price: $250 p/p

This is a Saturday/Sunday school for those who haven’t the time to attend a full three day session. It can also be taught during the week-schedules permitting. This option allows you to save “vacation days” for serious fly-fishing. The class includes much of the curriculum focused on in the three-day school, however, the discussion is not as in depth. The classes begin at 9am and end at 4pm on both days. Class size is limited to 5 students.*

2.5 Day School

Price: $325 p/p

$275 per student for groups of 5

Our signature fly-fishing course, the 2.5 day school offers the most comprehensive instruction and allows the student to fully absorb the material. All aspects of the sport are covered in depth; from casting to hatches to fishing on the river, the 2.5 day school will form an ideal base for you to begin your newfound sporting adventure.*

One Day Intro Course

Price: $125

Consisting of classroom and casting instruction, this class is designed to give you a solid foundation to aid in building your understanding of the sport. The curriculum is ideal for families or individuals who want to “check out” fly-fishing or for those who may have a trip planned and want to get the basics out of the way in order to better enjoy their upcoming fishing adventure. The class accepts five students.*

Map to The Fish Hawk School

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Hotels and Inns for school

  • Dillard House – 706-746-5348
  • Chandler Inn – Highlands – 828-526-5992
  • Holiday Inn Express – 706-746-3585
  • Ramada Inn – 706-746-5321
  • Mountain Valley Inn – 706-746-5373

*We do not provide accommodations, however, we do offer a list of numerous bed and breakfast, lodge, and hotel stays in the area

The Fish Hawk is an Equal Opportunity Provider