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Chip’s Tips – Issue no. 3 – Bamboo: New Age!!

Bamboo: New age!!   BOO lovers and graphite purist may find the rod design and tapers of Massimo Tirocchi something refreshing. Many rod builders are using tried and true tapers and now it’s all about the rod esthetics. For me it’s all about the action, the cast and the rod’s ability to deliver on the… Continue Reading

Chip’s Tips – Issue no. 2

Putting my Finger on the Trigger: Tying the CDC & Elk Dry Fly       I have been fortunate to be part of a small group of fly fishermen and fishing guides who readily share information for pattern design, application of material, creative techniques and some really crazy ideas in the quest to deceive… Continue Reading

Chip’s Tips – Issue no. 1 – Introduction

Introduction to Patagonia Fishing: Put Patagonia on Your Bucket List!     Argentina is a country that offers many venues for outdoor adventure, eco, hunting, fishing and touring. Rich in history and tradition with the gauchos alive and well in a landscape that’s as good as it gets. Most of the fishing articles are about… Continue Reading